Noteworthy: Green Websites for the Wee Ones

More Green Websites for Kids

Recently Kelli Best-Oliver contributed a guest commentary on Children’s Media Consultant on three great websites that teach kids to go green. I’m going to add a few more online options for kids of all ages. There are two critical points, though, that I can’t move forward without saying again:

  • I can’t say enough that the best way to teach kids to appreciate the natural world is to participate in it. Green media can contribute to the lesson about environmentally sustainable choices, however it should not replace it.
  • For younger children, the most successful pedagogy is not to scare them with environmental issues, but let them grow to understand the complexity and beauty of the natural world. Information that leads to issues — like global warming, animal extinction, etc. — comes later, once their mental picture of what “nature” and “environment” has been mapped.
  • Keeping those two key points in mind, here are three more eco-friendly websites for kids to add to our growing list.

    » Blog Archive » More Green Websites for Kids More Green Websites for Kids

    Hey– it’s worth a gander to eyeball Ashley’s great blog @ Children’s Media Consultant for anyone looking for recommended sites regarding the “Green” initiative for youth.  Check it out by clickin’ that good ole link above.  Thanks and regards. 🙂

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    1. December 6, 2007 at 12:20 am

      Hi Izzy, As you know, Ashley’s joining us at Shaping Youth on the children’s TV correspondent front…she’s great! (and her ‘green scene’ updates are perfect as it’s her specialization)

      We’ll be doing some green scene/teen links on the consumer front soon too…THIS one was forwarded to me by Lauren (Dir. of Mktg. Progs at MySpace) and it’s fabulous. (hoping to profile the MS ‘Our Planet’ channel soon on Shaping Youth too! Anyway, here’s the site, fun!

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