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Off Topic: Ooo Purple.

I’m feeling very purply lately, and I’m not very sure what that means.  I’m relatively positive it’s positive, relatively.  I heard a rather nasty tale about purple once in Wales, and I’m hoping that was just all hearsay (long story, not suitable for this enviro).  When I was a camp counselor back in the 90’s, I managed to quietly conn the whole lot of tater tots into thinking I was the Purple Ranger (from Power Rangers).  And the reason they never saw me on the show was because I thought that EXPLOITING my power on national television was a travesty!  So, I made a contract with the camera crew to NEVER film me in action…  The way in which I revealed my secret was so stealth that I truly did have the kids believing me… whenever I had to run an errand, I’ll speak into my power ranger watch (I colored purple with a permanent marker) and “disappear”– kids were following me everywhere, and whenever I’d be off picking up food for the counselors or my group, rumors ran wild with “Izzy is saving the world again” tales.  Oooo how I missed camp.

One day I’ll have to tell you about the walkie talkies & the “freezer gnomes”.   Camp = brilliant.

In the meantime: I am looking to do a bit of a change up with the set up– it’s about that time, don’t you think?

Anyway. Heads up, we’re purple now.

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