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Off Topic: A Prop to Gary Oldman

The cast of director Robert Zemeckis and Disney’s 3D animated motion-capture adaptation of Charles Dickens perennial classic A Christmas Carol, which will star Jim Carrey, continues to grow. In a podcast interview about his movie Beowulf, per Coming Soon (the interview can be found at beowulfmovie.com), Zemeckis says (and to my knowledge this is the only “official” mention so far) that his A Christmas Carol will feature esteemed cast mates Gary Oldman, Bob Hoskins and Colin Firth. In the movie, Carrey plays Ebenezer Scrooge as well as the three ghosts (Christmas past, present and future) who visit Scrooge. The movie is currently set for release November 6 2009.

Cynthia Turner’s Cynopsis – Cyn Kids 12/3/07

Yeah… so Gary Oldman– I love that guy.  Love him.  Like– I’m crushing on that man, love him.

Anyway, thought that was a dandy bit to read this morning.  Kudos, Robert Zemeckis, whose mother lives in the town I grew up in (or at least did live there for a long time).  Illinois!  Woo hoo! 

Happy Monday.

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