Disney Adds Another: "Cars” Virtual World

PaidContent.org has notes on Bob Iger’s keynote at the Sanford C. Bernstein Media Symposium today. On virtual worlds, Iger noted that the company would release a “Cars” virtual world next year that would cost millions--not hundreds of millions–to develop because it’s built on an existing infrastructure. That should help it become profitable “fairly soon after launch because the investment isn’t tremendous.” Club Penguin is already turning a profit after its $350M-$750M purchase: “We’re growing subscribers nicely since the acquisition and we haven’t even begun to market it aggressively.” Disney’s site says a replay of the webcast should be available here, but it’s not up yet. [via PaidContent.org]

Virtual Worlds News: Disney Developing “Cars” Virtual World for Millions of Dollars

…interesting…ish. And yet… kinda “Meh”. I’m REALLY pumped about another VW they’re (Disney) coming out with (but hush hush about) because of the current craze around the unnamed (yet popular) brand. And their “Pirates” world was a no brainer. But Cars!? Again: Meh. It was my least favorite of the Pixar/Disney set, and a total rip off of Doc Hollywood (as well as other similar movies, but Michael J Fox gets this credit this round).

I realize they’re trying to fill a gap in their “boy” centric quota. But ‘Cars‘? The property is 2 years old… unless they plan on taking another stereotypical script and making Cars 2. Even then… meh.

I guess, if Disney wants to flood their market, go for it. I just think there are other Disney brands that could fill the space a hair better. Ah well. Who knows– they could blow this one out of the water and I’ll eat my own words with a bowl of Brussels sprouts (ooo I hate those things).


Apparently they “ARE” (okay, I’m speaking in many-voiced rumors here) making a Cars 2 movie…  its release date is somewhere around the 2010 mark (again, rumor mode people).  I should have figured, since Disney LOVES their sequels.  (How did the world not end when they released Cinderella 2???  Although, Aladdin 3 was kinda great, and I dug the music for Toy Story 2.)

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  1. November 30, 2007 at 10:49 pm

    Who doesn’t hate brussel sprouts? I don’t know, I tihnk a cars virtual world will be great. My little cousin loves to go on those things, but I think he’s a little too young to go on Pirates Online. My aunt isn’t too crazy about all the violence. So I think he will like the cars virtual world.

  2. November 30, 2007 at 10:54 pm

    Interesting! Doodglegurl– how old is your cousin?

    I ask because I hear from the “rumorville” that they’re aiming for 10-11-12-13 year olds for the Cars virtual world. Do you hear of your friends ever talking about Cars??? Would you go there? 🙂

    Ask your friends, see what they think.

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