Tut, Tut, Facebook…

Facebook is reportedly facing a probe by the Information Commissioner’s Office, following complaints that users are unable to delete their accounts.
The social networking site allows users to “deactivate” an account, which prevents others members of the public from seeing it. However, the company doesn’t wipe all the user’s data – including photos and messages – from its servers.
The data is allegedly retained to make it easier for people who decide to reactivate their account, but makes live difficult for people who want all trace of their personal data destroyed. They would have to manually delete all their photos and posts from their profile, before deactivating their account.

PC Pro: News: Facebook under fire for not deleting accounts

Check out that article for more information about Facebook & it’s user protocol. YIKES. Seriously.

It’s nice that they’re so amicable to the users who may have regretted deleting their account– but really, yikes. If someone DELETES their account– they’re jumping off the ride. So long, bucko. Kindly don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

It’s like facebook is the g-friend, b-friend hoping that maybe some miracle can happen and the relationship can be salvaged. Yeah– that’s bad policy. If someone breaks up with you, move on. Don’ t wait around. It’s not healthy, safe, or best practice.

But, again, we’re talking about a business here, and not heart-filled relationships.

Really, I’m a bit disappointed if Facebook is holding info… that’s just not smart. For a social network who shares the “Eye of Mordor” with myspace for user safety– it seems like a no-brainer to ensure that you’re above board and obvious on all accounts. Not deleting a user’s info after they a) deleted their full account, b) expected everything therein to be deleted is in the shyster category of shadiness.

According to the article above, Facebook shot back with this quote:

In a statement to Channel 4, Facebook insists it complies with the Data Protection Act. “We give users the notice that the UK Data Protection Act requires in order to inform them about what information is collected. We also give users granular control over what information they share and who they share it with.”


So, depending on the legit-ness of this complaint and the ever-eager news, hopefully light will be shed on this problem and we’ll know whether our supposedly deleted accounts are actually deleted. Fingers crossed for facebook.

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