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Virtual Shopping Malls: Holiday Shopping Takes a New Spin?

Serious Games Bring The Mall To Web Browsers

by: Eliane Alhadeff

A web based virtual shopping mall launched in New Zealand, allows users to navigate a three dimensional space to browse and buy products, bringing what the company says is the same shopping experience as in the real world. http://www.themallplus.com/ is not a portal that redirects consumers to third party websites, instead creating an online virtual shopping mall.The service was developed under the management of Nigel Kirkpatrick, CEO who has previous experience in start up companies both locally and globally with Industrial Research Limited and Unilever.

(Check out the link below for more info & pics)
Serious Games Bring The Mall To Web Browsers – Marketing & Strategy Innovation Blog

Puzzles are falling into place!! Virtual and Life are becoming one! Soon, dear hermits, you TOO can be popular, well dressed, and social without changing your raggedy jammies (assuming hermits are the mop-like old men I see in my cartoon imagination).

Actually, soon there will be virtual mall rats acting virtually slacker-like, trolling the virtual malls, doing the same things they’ve done for the last twenty or so years (which, I’m realizing, is still an enigma to me). Perhaps we can have virtual mall cops eating at the virtual eatery… oh the possibilities! Virtual junior high dates at the virtual mall.

Virtual “The Hills” should get in on this action! Oh wait– nevermind, there are only twenty something guys and twelve year old girls in the Mtv worlds (at least from the people I’ve encountered within the world and from the people I’ve chatted to, this is the case… I could be argued on that, but first hand knowledge has shown me the less than happy side of those Mtv nests).

Actually, this is kinda exciting to see progress. Things are shifting, happening, changing, enhancing, etc. I kid and I tease about the progressive blurring of virtual reality and actual reality. It’s kind of scary, true, but that’s because all I can see are the yellow flags (will they play dodgeball OUTDOORS in FRESH AIR when they grow up? Or remain first person players in a multiplayer online version of old school dodgeball?) Luckily there are loads of people (particularly those bloggers I know) who are watchdogs and lend their voices to balance out quality of life (and keep the old school real).

If you think about it– What we know and can do online now = just a sliver of what kids will experiences by the time they’re (respectably) old enough to have children of their own. Virtual Field Trips… that is going to be wicked.

p.s. This is a bit old news, but on the Today Show they were talking about customizable holiday gifts, and I was talking to a new Colleague about these yesterday, so I thought I’d remind everyone about the ability to customize your own converse shoes… this is one of my favorite customizable apps… Definitely fun for converse-wearers.

Thanks, Nathan, for article. ūüôā

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