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I went digging in Techdirt today and stumbled on these two gems:

Lots Of Parents Playing Video Games With Kids… Though, That’s Not What The Headlines Say

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In the last few years, we’ve seen a number of studies suggesting that, while most people think of video games as something kids play, that it’s increasingly becoming a family activity involving parents (and even grandparents) playing video games with their kids. This seemed like a good thing. A common activity over which families can bond seems positive. That’s why it was a bit surprising to see a bunch of headlines trumpeting the news that “Many Parents Avoid Video Games With Kids.” So when you get down into the article, you see that the headline is seriously misleading. What the report actually says is 43% of parents with kids who play video games never play with them. That would mean that 57% do play video games with their kids, which seems like quite a large number, especially compared to earlier reports. Yet, that apparently doesn’t support the story line that the headline writer wanted to tell. While it is true that another 30% say they spend less than an hour a week playing video games with kids, that is still some bonding time, and shows that many, many parents are quite aware of what kinds of video games their kids are playing — meaning that perhaps politicians can stop claiming they need to act as parents when it comes to video games.

Techdirt: Lots Of Parents Playing Video Games With Kids… Though, That’s Not What The Headlines Say


My Grandma Can Kick Your Ass At Halo

from the don’t-count-out-the-over-fifty-fraggers dept

A couple weeks ago, we pointed to a study that pointed out how widespread video games were in society — and how they weren’t just for teenaged boys any more. That’s not all that surprising, really, and has been reported in the past. Many point out that the generation that first generation that grew up with video games has now reached adulthood — so it’s no surprise they’re still gamers. Also, while there’s been talk about the “bored housewife” market for casual video games, there hasn’t been too much said about older gamers. A new study actually claims that a quarter of gamers are over fifty, though the report does not get into what sorts of games they play. It does, however, point out that many gamer parents play video games with their kids as a family activity. Since the report is from the Entertainment Software Association, and clearly designed to portray gamers as positively as possible, it also includes fun little tidbits about how video gamers exercise quite often (three times as long as they play games!), and also how they read a lot and go to museums and such. Next thing you know, we’ll find out that they’re (gasp!) just normal people.


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  1. Janetta
    November 14, 2007 at 7:04 pm

    I said the same thing to my friend a few minutes ago. The article said “Most parents don’t play games with kids.” Isn’t most usually appropriate when over half as in the majority? As I see it me and many other parents are playing games with their children, actually it looks as the survey states that most parents do indeed play games with their children, and of those that play with their children 70% spend more than 1 hour a week doing so.

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