Girl Sense goes designer

Real-World Fashion Designers Add Their Style to GirlSense E-boutique Community

With the launch of Designer Boutiques on, members can now virtually browse, buy, sell and create outfits with the digital fashions of their favorite REAL-world designers and brands.

Wilmington, DE (PRWEB) November 12, 2007 — Hot, exciting clothing designers are opening their very own e-boutiques on to offer sneak peaks of their upcoming collections and inspire Girlsense community members. Boutiques belonging to hip designers including Mudd, Bongo Jeans, Dollhouse, Luxirie by LRG, BB Dakota, Saint Grace and many more are now ‘opening for business’ on Fashion Avenue.
Saint Grace is the first real-world fashion brand to open its doors on the GirlSense Fashion Community and GirlSense members are super excited about the addition of this new feature. Here’s what some of them had to say: “I love SaintGrace. Its so cool there on here,” said xdancer4everx.

“Hi, my biggest dream in life is to become a fashion designer. Got any tips?” asks puppygirl609.

“OMG, this so cool you’re a fashion designer. I wish I could talk to you; I want to be one too,” said Jazzy12695.

“I will (sic) love to be a designer like you one day,” said heavyheartlove.

Two new designers will be featured each week, offering the fashion-conscious members of the GirlSense site the rare opportunity of designing with the ‘big guys’. In addition to collecting designer brands and getting inspired, members will be able to read about the designers they love including their biographies, what inspires them, the brands they like most and more, in this new feature being offered on the GirlSense website.

“The GirlSense community is first and foremost about our members. We are thrilled to be able to give them an opportunity to be inspired by real-world fashion designers and excited about the responses we’ve received from so many well-known fashion brands,” said Starnet Interactive CEO Cathy Glazer. is a safe Web 2.0 environment that offers over 11 million registered members a variety of dress up games and tools for designing trendy fashions, creating hip e-boutiques, posting innovative banner ads, interacting with community members, and more.

StarNet Interactive maintains and produces GirlSense, and continues to stress the need for providing kids with on-line experiences that are safe, unique, innovative and fun.

Real-World Fashion Designers Add Their Style to GirlSense E-boutique Community

I love girlsense! Like Stardoll, who jumped into real world fashion a few months back, this offers girls a chance to upgrade their paper doll play pattern experience.

Truly, I prefer the “brand competition within a world” method a hundred times over ads, etc. And yet the buzzards are circling nearby– thanks to OTHER (yet slightly similar) advertisement maneuvers, like profiling, tracking, etc (aka– looks like your days are numbered, dreaded Zwinktopia/Zwinky toolbar of insanity!).

I like the brands within the worlds. Alleviates some of the “sites need to make money to survive” pressure, as well as offers that bit-o-cool factor, and lightens the “this is a bulletin board ad trying to catch your freakin’ attention with flashy scenes that might cause epileptic seizures (or hypnotize you into some sort of weird web funk where you awake hours later 2 miles from home in the middle of the freeway like a stunned rabbit).

I work in this industry, and I know how it would be ultimate utop-a-rama if youth/kids/the world didn’t have subversive branding every virtual-inch. But I keep going back to the same sad argument– Virtual Worlds and game-building are pricey. These environments allow kids reprieve from their every day life in a place where they can still have social experiences (although less interesting than IRL experiences some may argue) and they can learn how to work for what they want, gain tokens, spend wisely, make decisions, control their fate– if only for 45 minutes or so. In Girl Sense’s case (as well as stardoll and cartoondollemporium), this is just another extention of a play pattern. Who DIDN’T grow up with paper dolls? I know they’ve been around for ages because I’ve seen them at those antique shops (< lol, my warped humor gave me the giggles for that ignorant comment). But seriously, this is a bona fide play pattern here… and all the web is doing is bumping it up a notch. So instead of little girls having to cut Gucci out of a magazine and strap it to their make-shift lined paper doll, they can have a bit more fun with the virtualism of it.

Granted all these girls getting to kit out their avatar/dolls will probably flow seamlessly into Laguna Beach-ish chicks, obsessed with brand names, etc, and that in it’s SELF makes me sad… but for the time being, in their tweendom dreams, they can keep it virtual and have fun with it. Besides, those kids who are brand obsessed (clothing wise) tend to get help from mom and dad big-wallets at home. My mom never ever let us get brand names as a kid. I was sooooo clueless. I still am (maybe that’s why I dress like a camp counselor, aka large child).

But really, it’s all about play. So, girlsense, much luck to you. I will watch your mini brand offers with great relish, to see how it plays out. Stardoll seems to be rockin’ it big time (just did competitive analysis with some freeware).

As for the peeps who aren’t so hot on this kind of brand existence… well, all I can say is a kind hearted: Don’t like it? Avoid it. After all, it’s about choice. And if you think your kid is going to go there against your wishes and you want to stop/prevent the site in order to avoid such a confrontation? Well, my dear, you have bigger problems on your hands than the site.


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