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So what’s the deal?

First of all– many apologies for being MIA for the last two/three weeks.  It takes a grand amount of time & brain space to uproot from the midwest and move to Los Angeles.  Luckily I have a fab family, fantastic friends, and a cool new roomie to make the transition somewhat seamless.

So.  Here I am at SIX DEGREES GAMES in Marina Del Rey, California and I LOVE this place (i live 6 minutes from where I work… how awesome is that?).  A lot of what I’m doing now is a bit stealth at the moment (ooo so uber-secretive…).  Basically I can share these words: “tweens”, “virtual worlds”, “brands”, and “gaming”  <–You color in the blanks and I’ll keep a grin on my face.  SDG is giving me a LOT of elbow room and faith in helping to shape what they’re creating and that is supremo. 

Never fear– the blog won’t change.  I will continue rambling about cartoons, books, toys, games, etc etc.  Why?  ‘Cos that’s what I do.  😀 

p.s. On yet another personal note: does anyone know of a youth soccer team in Santa Monica/Marina Del Rey/etc area that needs an assistant soccer coach?  I think I wanna jump back into that too. 

p.p.s. I missed ya’ll.  I’ve been going stir crazy so far from the blog!!! 

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