Sustaining a Healthy Online Community

I’ve talked about this topic in a couple of places, but I don’t think I’ve actually posted what we ended up kind of coming up with as pretty decent measurements of the health of a community. But, perhaps I should first define what I mean by community health:

The health of a community is the gauge of where
various qualitative and quantitative metrics lie in relation to the
goals you set.

Heh. Right. So, what this really means is that you need to first set your goals (with an emphasis on qualitative), and next
define your metrics. Of course, after all of that is set out, you can
figure out how to achieve that (which is just as convoluted).

Metrics for Healthy Communities | ::HorsePigCow:: marketing uncommon

So it was recently brought to my attention that perhaps I’m indulging my virtual world appreciation a little too much these days.  Well– there are person/professional reasons for it (change is healthy). 

I thought I’d post Tara’s fab article instead of my typicaly VW rambles. 

Tara Hunt over at HorsePigCow has a great write up about the health of a community.  The article above is totally worth checking out for anyone in communities.  She covers a) setting goals, b) defining metrics, c) Qualitative measurements, and d) important thoughts on metrics. 

The bipolar chicago weather today has forced a “brain cloud” upon me… I’d love to explain further about the importance of the elements Tara explained in regards to kids/youth/tweens/teens… but that darn brain cloud is hiding the sunshine of thought.  Ugh.  (It was 90 degrees two days ago, it’s 50ish today – fall is coming in hard!)

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