TOLD YA! Google Earth = Virtual World

Is Google Earth a virtual world? Google is marketing it as such. The company is promoting Google Earth running Google AdWords promoting Google Earth as a virtual world. Search results for “virtual worlds” pull up keyword ads from Google for Google Earth. The company is on the attendee list for the Virtual Worlds Conference taking place in San Jose this week, as is Arizona State University. Both Google and the University made rumor headlines late last month – possibly collaborating on a virtual world.

Virtual Worlds News: Is Google Earth a Virtual World? Google Thinks So

Seriously– just you wait. Second Life will have to battle the might GOOGLE EARTH for virtual world living.

<izzy stares at her count down clock, waiting for the day where the world is replicated online in one might second world – where shut ins and hermits like can party it up at the Sky Bar in LA or go shopping down on the Lower East Side of Manhattan or watch the Cubbies lose AGAIN at Wrigley… while NEVER leaving the comfort of their state-of-the-art luxury computer chair (complete with mini fridge and swedish mesuse devices)>

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