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The World at your Fingertips, Why go Outside?

“We’re working on a human experience,” Everyscape CEO Jim Schoonmaker told the MIT Technology ReviewGoogle has built a superhuman experience.” The Review has a nice rundown of Everyscape’s photo-based approach to building a virtual world. Like Google Earth‘s Street View, Everyscape’s ground level view is based on combining a series of panoramic photographs together, but Everyscape is relying on users to supply additional content while Google has its own vans dedicated to photographing important locales. Setting it apart further, Everyscape uses the same technology to build 3D geometries for both the interior and exteriors of buildings. Google Earth and Microsoft Virtual Earth use SketchUp and 3Dvia respectively for building 3D content. Everyscape plans to monetize the platform by offering its services to business owners who want to build their shop interiors. The environment is set to launch this fall, but future plans and ideas include adding transaction support for virtual shopping, avatars for users, and mobile device access.

Virtual Worlds News: Everyscape Looks to Create Human Experience for Virtual Worlds

OH, now who is a trend spotter? I’m telling you– soon we’ll all be happy shut in’s. I always thought hermits seemed cool. Who would have guessed I could be a social butterfly hermit?

I’m sassy today!

But seriously– this will be an interesting adventure. Why? Because you can personalize your space online… not just some ‘imaginary web room’ but your own HOUSE. You can make it look just as it does at home.

Say you’re into interior decoration (like my darling mother for example). She’s not a virtual-world kinda lady. But she’s GREAT at houses, and would love to show her house, or tour someone else’s. It would be a hit with anyone who is weary of the “creative, fantasy” universe places like Second Life pimp. You could give other avatars tours of areas in your house, chat with people who like what you’ve done with certain designs, etc.

No more sticky-hot-day Home Tours (my parents used to drag us through those tours on weekends when we were young. I only liked the ones with swing sets and cookies, lol).

Think of all the people who would get jazzed about showing off their personal homes & businesses online. Twinsies– home & virtual experiences.

Plus– there are a LOT of people out there that try to mimick their home life online. Look at all my avatars… most of them I try to get to look like me. It might be a fun idea to have one place look just like my apartment inside and outside. I could have my UK friends come over virtually… oh play patterns, gotta love ’em.

Anyway– it’s interesting to think of situations like this… I get so used to game communities & play communities for tweens & youth, that I forget about the cool aspects of virtual worlds for people outside of the content-heavy fantasy worlds.

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