Tween MashUp– you in? Better be.

“Tweens are discerning consumers. They think a lot about what they are going to wear, whether their outfit matches their peach-sparkle nail polish, how clothes sit with a teal-colored cellphone (‘Can you believe Mom didn’t know what color teal is?’), what kind of sushi they are going to eat, and what to read after books like ’30 Guys in 30 Days.'” – from Roger Cohen’s New York Times OpEd “Twixt 8 and 12, the Tween”Hot on the heels of next week’s big event, the Ypulse 2007 Mashup, we’ve teamed up with Ziff Davis to co-locate a smaller event focusing on tweens and technology. The Ypulse Tween Mashup will be held September 28 at the Javits Center in New York City in conjunction with Digital Life, a massive consumer electronics show. We put out a press release today and are in the process of talking to potential speakers and sponsors.

Tween Mashup

Check out the site (link about) for MORE!!

Yours truly gets the opportunity to moderate the New School panel (based on Virtual Worlds, business models, and brand extensions) with these honored guests: Evan Bailyn, CEO Cartoon Doll Emporium, Jim Bower , CEO Numedeon (Whyville), Mattias Miksche, CEO, Stardoll, and Addie Swartz, CEO, B*tween Productions (Beacon Street Girls).

Uber exciting!! Power to the tweens!

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