Stardoll aiming to have as many users as stars, or dolls.

Stardoll announced yesterday that it had reached ten million registered members since its launch a year ago. With six million monthly uniques, 94% of whom are are teen and tween girls, Stardoll is leading Comscore’s rankings in the 9-17 female demographic. We spoke with CEO Mattias Miksche in July to discuss the importance of avatars versus virtual worlds, and he emphasized the importance of identity and realism over immersiveness. However, Stardolls is working on new ways to expand the platform, allowing the users’ creations to inhabit multiple rooms and be transported around the site. With worlds like growing at an even faster rate in the same demographic, it will be interesting to see whether the world or the avatar wins out.

Virtual Worlds News: Stardoll Hits Ten Million

picture-1.pngWell done, Stardoll!  It actually reminds me a lot of too.  And the Doll Emporium avatar community as well.

< Dig my Stardoll avatar?  LOL.  I’ve also added the full size (plus outfit, thank you) to my IZZY’S AVATARS page.   You can see how avatar sites are trying to do EXACTLY what CEO Mattias Miksche mentioned above– trying to make avatars look as REAL as possible.  Which goes back to my Doppleganger/LowerEastSide/GoogleEarth/secondlife theory— soon we’ll all be shut ins, shopping down the street with our avatars instead doing the bodily work ourselves.

There’s this great quote, “If it keeps up, man will atrophy all his limbs but the push-button finger.”  -Frank Lloyd Wright

Anyway… and for you safety concious of Stardoll. I’ve said this before, but it’s always good to pimp the best parts of youth websites:

Stardoll efforts is always working on that you should feel safe and secure at We are continuously moderating the site and we have several filters in place to avoid bad naming and bad language. Anyone that
breaks the Stardoll one-stop rules will be expelled. Please don’t hesitate to contact our moderators at Stardoll if you notice anything that disturbs you or worries you!Stardoll is automatically moderated 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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