Cartoon Network is Clever and Gaming Rules, man!

The folks at
are celebrating recent metrics from Nielsen/NetRatings that confirm the
site achieved an all-time high as visitors to the site were spending an
average of 77 minutes per session.

The site, which streams full-length eps and shorter clips of CN shows and hosts games based on popular properties like Ben 10 and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, ranked 26th among all US domains for total time spent in July. And the new record of 77 minutes per person beats the site’s previous high mark of 71 minutes set in 2004.

KidScreen Magazine – keeps getting stickier

<insert proud baby-momma voice & pinching cheeks> Who knows their demographic? Who knows their demowemographic? <end voice>

Lol… seriously though– smart smart smart. Who does Cartoon Network target the most? Boys. Tween. Boys.

From my observations: what do tween boys do the MOST on the web? GAMES. Girls tend to lean much more towards content. Boys? Gamers.

Plus– the types of shows that Cartoon Network provides move EASILY into gaming… like Naruto/YuGiOh/Pokemon (card gaming), Teen Titans/Storm Hawks/Batman/PowerPuffGirls (adventure/hero gaming), and Dexters Lab/My Gym Partner’s a Monkey/ The Grim adventures (goofy/prob solve/random).

The site really DOESN’T offer community. They don’t really need it. Why? Because they’re paying attention to their target demographic and giving them exactly what they want– gaming.

Sure, is awesome and provides community AND gaming… but it’s the difference of going to a specialized spot (easy to find games, and loads of them concentrated in awesomeness), to going to a free-for-all-of-everything (need to dig a bit to get what you want, almost distracting). Personal choices, ya know? Can’t all be a walmart/target.

I’m not saying that Cartoon Network is doing it any BETTER than anyone else– I just really enjoy the fact that they didn’t jump on the “community” bandwagon so fast. They’re listening to their audience. They know what will keep the kids on the site (seriously– 77 minutes? Nice).

Plus… for those tater tots looking for some mock-community action, they can go to Foster’s Big Fat House Party, where they can make their imaginary friend (mine is Hubrink) and go on missions throughout the Fosters House. They can’t really talk to each other (you forget this though, because you can converse with the characters), but it’s not really about roaming & meeting people like Nicktropolis. It’s about gaming & living in the content. It’s about play patterns, not social patterns.

HOWEVER!!! In the future they’ll be coming out with (dun dun duuuuuunnnn) FUSIONFALL— an MMORG mixing heavy gaming, cartoon content (expanding tv story lines to the web– like Disney did with Kingdom of Hearts for the console and/or Toontown for the net). I’m VERY excited about this. I can’t wait to see what the quality levels are– not to mention the safety & the PR/Marketing machine for it. I’m drooling just thinking about it. Learning never ends, folks.

What else am I excited for?

DISNEY’S UPCOMING MMORG: PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN ONLINE!! Oh man oh man oh man. I’m totally making my pirate a viking. You’ll have to pry me away from that with the jaws of life. Word on the street is that it will be present THIS FALL. Fingers crossed that the production is moving swiftly and accurately.

Did you know that you can play a “Pirates of the Caribbean Multiplayer game on your mobile (Verizon) phone? Well you can. I’ve not played. I don’t have verizon. Poo. But sounds like a fun idea.

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