Noteworthy: Girlsense fashion show

GirlSense, the online community for tween girls that lets them design and sell virtual fashions in their online stores, is launching a new fashion slideshow tool.This new feature lets girls create fashion slideshows to show off the designs they’ve made on the site. Girls can add music, graphic transitions, animated effects and backgrounds for personalized touches to the slideshow. Models the girls have in their account can also be incorporated into the slideshow, as well as the small selection of clothes girls can choose from that have been made available directly in the slideshow editor. Customization is offered in a limited extent, due to the nature of the site and the age of its users. This means that the background and music options are those that GirlSense has provided, and uploading material for slideshows is not an option. These slideshows can be shared with others on the site, as well as embedded on other social networking sites, like MySpace, hi5 and Piczo.

GirlSense Launches Fashion Slideshow for Tweens

First of all, I love my girlsense avatar.

Secondly, this is a great way to engage the doll/dress-up playpattern, while engaging the fashion-world obsessed teens (what with Bravo’s/TLC/and MTV’s fashion-catering programming, makes sense).

There is a twinge, deep down, (that has NOTHING to do with the girlsense site) about the continuing glory & adoration we keep heeping, as a culture, on this materialistic/model-thin behavior. But, alas, that’s not what this post is about.

If anything, there’s a flavor of here– the ability to mix/match/make your own fashion shows remind me of the flipbooks. Anyway, check it out. 🙂

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