Amanda Bynes reigns Teen Supreme



Oh, Amanda… graduated with full honors from the Schneider’s Bakery Bunch (including such names as: Kenan Thompson – SNL, Kel Mitchell- ‘Mystery Men’, Jamie Lynn Spears ‘Zoey 101’, Drake Bell ‘Musician/actor’, Josh Peck ‘actor/earning credit as a indy film actor’, etc).


I have to say– Amanda has REALLY cemented herself in the teen comedy genre. I wish she had a bit more freedom in the lead roles she takes. She was great-ish in “Hair Spray” because she got to character act and spread her goofy wings a bit. All these lead roles try to ‘prove’ something about her… like she’s this ‘hot’ girl who is a smart-ass and confident. That’s fine if it wasn’t the role she plays EVERY time. Sigh. I’d like to see her really prove that you CAN be a goofy, confident girl, letting her humor be the attractive factor, and not have to resort to being the urban/chic-stoic-strong-hot girl. What happened to the zany tot from ‘The Amanda Show’? Who knows, maybe she’ll show us something new (that we didn’t see in the trailer). So far? Sydney reminds me a LOT of the “Holly” chick she played in “What a Girl Wants”.


On a side note– I have to say, Ms. Bynes is one actress that’s done a great job with keeping herself FAR AWAY from the tabloid fodder currently staining & invading & encouraging (with their narcessistic enabling ‘look at me, everyone wants to know about me’) ways. Come to think about it– most of the kid stars from Nickelodeon have done a relatively great job of staying tabloid-free.


I’d love to chat with Mr. Dan Schneider one day and learn his ways of directing & engaging youth with his programs/producing. He’s like the kid-actor-whisperer. LOLz. With all these celeb kids growing into relatively popular actors– he’s kinda the Lauren Michaels (SNL) of the tween set.


2. Point about Ms. Bynes. She’s really digging the retelling-movies. Although “Sydney White” is a WRETCHED title for this flick (unoriginal and uninspired and practically BONKIN’ kids over the head with it’s obviousness, ugh), it will be interesting to see a retelling of Snow White (have there been that many? Seriously).

Amanda Retellings (okay, could be debatable, but seriously! think about it):

* Sydney White : Snow White
* She’s the Man : Merchant of Venice
* What a Girl Wants : Cinderella


She could be steppin’ up to Julia Stiles’s plate of retellings.


Anyway… despite the anti-Greek-theme (being an alumni Pi Phi myself I frown at the stereotype that all greeks were sucky/peer-pressure magnets… seriously, most hilarious time of my life… my sorority were the ‘girls next door’ that acted more like an episode of the muppets than anything else… myself and my BFF as Waldorf and Statler up in the balcony, I’ll have to tell ya’ll some tales sometime. Riotous. 😀 ), I’ll probably watch this film. It doesn’t look STELLAR, but it looks like a mind-numbing-with-teen-stereotype-entertainment, and truck loads better than the Bratz movie.

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