Dr. Whyville likes Science!

Whyville recently received $440,000 in grants from the Texas Workforce Commission to build Whyville Biotech and the Whyville Advanced Manufacturing Center, reports the San Antonio Express in a more general story about the children’s world. The two sites allow users to learn about biotech and drug design, leading to the creation of a WhyPox vaccine that was administered to 134,000 users by the US Center for Disease Control last flu season. Whyville is aimed at children from ages 8-15. Other fun facts from the story are that Whyville’s demographics skew 68 percent of whom are female across a user base from 140 countries. The company, through grants like this one and partnerships with brands like Scion, is on track to increase its income by 300 percent in 2007.

Virtual Worlds News: Whyville Gets $440,000 in Grants to Teach Kids About Biotech

Whyville is forever endevouring to combine social entertainment with science fun. This is INTERESTING! They’ve surpassed typical junior high math & science and jumped into forward thinking biotech research. Empower, Educate, Entertain. Mighty lofty goals– and that rocks.

It will be interesting to see the success rate and how (or even if) parents react to the level of science complexity. Excitement, reservation, or confusion.

Regardless, it’s a really unique, cool move for a tween/teen community!!

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