Monday Ramble: Sign of the Times…

“The Preserving Virtual Worlds project will explore methods for preserving digital games and interactive fiction. Major activities will include developing basic standards for metadata and content
representation and conducting a series of archiving case studies for early video games, electronic literature and Second Life, an interactive multiplayer game,” announced the Library of Congress last week. The argument made for metadata standards is that they “increase greatly the chances that the digital content of today will survive to become America’s cultural patrimony tomorrow.” Although the Library is looking to include all forms of electronic content, that’s one more argument for exploring open standards in virtual worlds. To explore content preservation across multiple industries, the initiative was awarded $2.15 million.

Virtual Worlds News: Library of Congress to Preserve Virtual Worlds

Thought it was worth sharing. It’s kinda mind-blowing to think about all the possibilities that Virtual Worlds, Online Communities, and the current tech trends of today are affecting our youth…

Part of me thinks, “Oh, what a wonderfully spoiled generation to have EVERYTHING at their fingertips.” And the other half knows that today’s youth will always be striving for the next best thing… spoiling future generations with their geniosity.

With all of the importance put on community & worldly socialization… you can’t help but wonder… what will these implementations be on youth? What importance will they draw? What will become retro, and what will become survive the test of time?

When I was young– the big thing was cultural diversity. It had this “new trend” feel to it (that and the fact my parents would tell us, as they taught us new things, how it was different for them).  Teaching kids spanish, interacting with different cultures, etc…

And now… Now you see wonderful families of all sorts… and no one blinks an eye.
I grew up in a prodominanetly white community… but with a good moral foundation from my parents and Jim Henson’s Sesame Street (don’t laugh, I’m serious– Pigs & Frogs in love… inconcievable! Or is it?), I never thought much about the introduction of new races into the various elements of my life. It seemed exciting (and to this day, I crave travel because I see the value in diversity).

Simple child mentality: I loved Sesame Street, watched it all the time, saw muppets of every hue interacting… learning from one another, socializing and getting to do new things together… Seeing one another’s differences and loving them for it.  That was a profound effect on me as a child.

Today, there is still emphasis on diversity… but it’s not so seperate. All kids get to watch & interact with Dora as she speaks other languages, and Sesame Street– it’s not them telling us about kids who speak spanish, they actually have spanish speaking main-character muppets.

The thread of progression & learning was started years ago, and it’s still spun today.

And now we have this emphasis on worldly communication through socialization and technology– what will happen with this thread? How far will it go? How fast? What next?

When you actually sit and ponder the excitement today, it’s worth a heavy-hearted sigh… oh the children today, how wonderfully spoiled they are!!! May they plunder and progress with the best of intentions and the greatest of goals! 🙂

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