I’ll be at the Naperville, IL event tomorrow night with some budz celebrating.  It is supposed to be the largest HP event in the nation (or at least has been in the past).  20,000+ people expected.  Wow.  I’ll update on the insanity that I see while I’m there.  So…excited… yay.

Check out the INSANITY: 

When adults & tater tots converge for fantastical fun, things get serious.  If you take a look at the link above, you will see how Downtown Naperville has transformed itself into the Wizarding World for one night.  It will be the LAST TIME that Wizards will publically celebrate, allowing themselves to be seen by mere muggles.

Reminds me of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone… when people celebrated the downfall of “He Who Must Not Be Named” in public (much to the dismay of the more respectable/private wizards).

No doubt this will be something I’ll always remember (like when I was at the HP world premiere in London for the first two movies– amazing & cherished).

I hope everyone’s 7/20 is celebrated safely and is filled with as much magic as possible.  LONG LIVE THE ROWLING!

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