Wrap-up: My Super Sweet 16 Movie

Yay! Learning time.  So, previously I mentioned the upcoming Movie adaption of the TV series “My Super Sweet 16”, well… it’s no longer “upcoming” so, let’s get into it.

Here are the top 3 things I learned from watching MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 Movie:

  1. Why have a measely NORMAL 16 bash when you can help the Katrina Victims (okay, not bad, helping others = good, and it’s great that MTV has continued its observation of the Katrina disaster is brill)
  2. Daddies will pay out the nose spoiling their daughters so that they don’t become “sluts” (best line of the movie)
  3. Chillis caters to everyone, including VEGANS (“The lady will have a bean burger and I’ll have the ribs”) AND they also like pimping their “to go” menus (nice support)

Other things I noticed: Matt Damon’s young doppleganger, 3 consumed tubs of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream mowed in individual sittings (nice to see MTV not pimping the calorie counting of uber-skinny high school girls), MTV’s faux-high school girls LOVE designing their OWN fashions while still sporting either uber-fashion names or home-made save-the-world duds (“Remember, the devil DID where Prada”), Ava & Erin from the actual television adaption popping up on the red carpet (clearly, they’re aiming for celebutard/hollywood names now),  and I’m clearly out of the loop… as normal on these darn Super Sweet 16’s… I have NO IDEA who the musical guest “Pretty Ricky” is.  Nice.

Other than those wee factos, I have to say… for Sunday afternoon TV fodder, this was great.  I mean– it’s not 2Gether, but it’s LOADS better than any other MTV made-for-tv movie.  Plus, it had some GREAT one-liners:  “Those dreds aren’t even real.  You’re a Ja-fakin'”

I like how MTV is REALLY shoving activism down teens throats.  It will be GREAT to see how this high school generation behaves once they reach college.  Is it just a ‘teens’ thing?  Or will it last?  The MTV activism thing doesn’t seem to be slowing down, but in fact speeding up.  They’ve tons of opportunity online (thinkMtv and such).  I’ve got my fingers crossed for the next generations.  They’ve been empowered in so many ways, it will be great to see how this affects their views of their own opportunities.

HOWEVER: what I would have liked to see worked into the movie would have been ads for help websites for Katrina, or places for teens to direct their help (even better– website links to places for girls to dedicate funds from their birthday bashes… with helpful tips on how to approach such an event).  But instead they continued to pimp their VMTV worlds and their mysupersweet16 online community (hey– marketers looking for “ins” on the teen girl wants?  Check THAT site out.  UGC galore!  Plus, they pimp their top birthday gifts & so on).

Ya know… it’s kinda funny how 1/2 of MTV is about spreading Environmentalism & Activism while the other 1/2 is encouraging Consumerism & irrational spending.  Kinda mixed messages.  But then again– talk to a teen and they’re LIVING mixed messages.  Perhaps that’s why they dig MTV so much.  Speaks “teen confusion”.  But even me– who still idolizes glamor and self-centered spending (oh how i miss buying silly toys and frivolous things) is starting to see a gaudy, gaudy edge to MTV.

I’m hoping this Gore-ism (Green + celebrity + activism I have officially dubbed “Goreism”… some could say it’s a “Jolieism, but Angie doesn’t publically encourage others to do the same, she just sets examples privately) starts to beat down those HORRIBLE dating shows on MTV (the show about ex’s and the one person dating several others = really trashy).

Anyone have anything to add? Be my guest in the comments!!

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