Noteworthy: relaunch (video community)

At, our goal is to help parents ensure that their kids have a safe and fun online experience. We invite you to check out our Privacy Policy and strongly suggest all kids check with their parents before entering personal information on any website.

Well, well– look who made a great site for their audience. It’s like a Karaoke Youtube site for kids– fully moderated, and very VERY little room for personal information. Parents need to give their thumbs-up for their child to join (basically an email with a <click here for yes> link).

It’s a fun site with info on tours, some easy games, kid videos (upload your own, or highlight someone else’s), contests, and parents section. You can make friends with random other kids on the site, but you can’t really talk to them… so it’s a nice little lock box.


I’d love to know how their moderation staff works: # of staff, how often they approve, etc… but those are always tricks of the trade.

Here’s something I would like to bring to your attention… Parental Approval.

Okay, here is my general, over-all kids community question of the day: Verification.

How are you sure that it is a parent’s email address a child enters in the registration box marked “Parent Email”? And once that email is sent, how are you certain it is indeed the parent who even approves? Administration of sites can only provide “parent email” sections and hope for the best. And what is that “best”? Well, whether or not the kid/users will obey the rules. But the sad truth is: how often do kids follow the rules when there is no parent watching and they want what they want as soon as possible?

So again, we’re left with the question of verification. I’ve actually tackled this subject before… check it out.

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