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Oh MTv… My Super Sweet 16 MOVIE?! :(

Okay– so I have to admit, I have an unhealthy admiration for the trashtastic Engaged & Underaged and My Super Sweet Sixteen. And WHAT do I see dance/prance/shreech across my screen during a commercial break for “MTV’s Made” but… MY SUPER SWEET SIXTEEN: THE MOVIE!  (p.s. Update: Watched it and here is my wrap-up)

Get this:

LOS ANGELES — The most important rule for continued success in Hollywood is simple: Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

It would seem that somebody forgot to tell MTV.

“Super Sweet 16: The Movie,” a fictionalized film version of the network’s hit TV show “My Super Sweet 16,” actually mocks the girls at the center of the show — then gives them a surprise lesson in morality.

“I think it’s very awesome, very brave for MTV to take it in this direction,” co-star Brendan Miller said during a break on the film’s downtown set.

(Check out the exclusive premiere of the “Super Sweet 16: The Movie” trailer right here.)

Fans of the popular show know that it generally follows a fairly standard pattern — one of the film’s leading ladies, Regina Nehy, summarized the typical subject as a “crazy, disrespectful” girl planning her sweet 16, a party she “takes way too seriously.”

The movie flips that, AJ Michalka told MTV News.

“It’s very different because I think there’s a lot more morality in the movie,” said Michalka, best known as half of the musical duo Aly & AJ. “I think the fact that the kids [in our movie] realize what they’re doing is wrong is good.”

The film follows Jacquie (Nehy) and Sarah (Michalka), lifelong friends with the same birthday who for years have planned a combined sweet 16 celebration. Jacquie, however, gets caught up with the popular clique (led by AJ’s sister, Alyson), a crowd that values “the wrong things,” Nehy said.


Le sigh. Le UBER sigh

Smells like that long forgotten (but not long enough it seems) flop “The Real World Movie: The Lost Season” which stole a good hour or so of my soul.

MTV, if you’re going to make fun of yourself and your own programming– please bring back the Reality Boy Band spoof “2Gether“… I loved them. Actually downloaded a few of their songs back in the day off of Napster. Who can forget the classics U + Me = Us (Calculus) and Say It Don’t Spray It and my personal favorite Before We Say Goodbye (which, by the way, I totally still remember the lyrics to, sad for me, hahaha) What happened to those boys anyway? Hmmm.


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