Noteworthy: Glubble & Kid Browsing

If you have children under the age of 12 and you’re always concerned that they’re going to accidentally access some sleazy website, then Glubble may be the answer you’ve been looking for.  Glubble is a Firefox extension that allows you to create separate accounts for you and all of your children to use while browsing the Internet. When your child logs in they’ll have their own Glubbleworld to protect them from the nonsense that sometimes finds its way onto your home computer. While you have free reign, your kids can only access pre-approved sites. If there’s a site that they think you’d let them visit then they can send you a quick request and the next time you log onto Firefox you can approve or deny their request.  Let me just add that this really is for kids under the age of 12. A lot of the sites are something a 12 year old would probably laugh at and kids are getting wiser by the minute – why not just pull up IE? BUT, I do think that it’s something that will be useful to someone who has youngsters that like to play around on harmless sites and you won’t have to worry about them clicking on something you don’t want them to see. Here’s my screencast tour of Glubble:

Worry free web browsing for the kiddies « Demo Girl

Awesome.  A friend pointed me the way to Glubble, where I stumbled upon their Glubble blog, and then ultimately onto this review.  I’ve heard some minor cons about it– but nothing that can’t be fixed and typically the sign of a beta.

It tagteams with firefox, and who doesn’t love firefox?

Anyway, if you have a U13 tater tot, I think this is a great tool for you to use with your family… might help cut down on crazy situations where U13 kids are planning 80-kid SMACK DOWNS on Bebo

  1. June 30, 2007 at 7:59 am

    First I’d heard of this, Izzy, and I’m a Firefox fan…THANKS, this needs reporting! My (soon to be) 12 year old would no doubt roll her eyes, but she’s covertly beta testing Zwinktopia and others for ‘who’s where’ so not exactly a benchmark. (Did you see 50 cent is hawking goods in there now?) btw, she claims she can sniff out a U13 a mile away, judging by the way they chat, the texting style they use, red flag verbiage, etc.–hmn.

    Meanwhile, I had a 12 year old ping me on your Zwinky dialogue with me on the Shaping Youth comment section and she’d misinterpreted the Time article we were quoting re: no ‘age verification process’—and took it to mean no ‘age barrier’—
    Again, substantiating the ‘tater tots’ are relegated to safer environs for a REASON…they need to get some media literacy under their fingertips before they start tip-tappin’ and tip-toe-in under the radar into the chat fests…

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