Pondering: Perhaps Virtual Field Trips not far off?

This virtual road leads to Rome

A 10-year collaboration between UCLA, the University of Virginia and the Politecnico de Milano produced Rome Reborn 1.0, a virtual 3D model of the ancient city as it looked on June 21, 320 A.D.The researchers studied information on Rome’s topography, urban infrastructure, buildings and monuments, then filled in the rest using digital reconstructions.If Google had been around in 4th century Rome, this is what the city would have looked like on Google Maps.Credit: UCLA Experiential Technologies Center

Images: This virtual road leads to Rome | CNET News.com

Awesome? This is just ONE STEP CLOSER to Virtual Field Trips.

Virtual Field Trips?

Oh, Aye, Virtual Field Trips… something planted in my brain during a MacArthur Foundation meeting here in Chicago earlier this year. They talked extensively about a research project they’re doing– alluding to turning virtual worlds & gaming into a field trip exercise. Here’s another pair of Universities looking into the Virtual Field Trip adventure

Ever wonder what Salem, Massechutes may have been like during the witch trials? Well… how about play the part of Abigail, or even one of her accusers, trying to work your way through the ties of church & state in early American times. Talk about difficult– how do you win that battle? (The Salem thing was more or less my sudden idea for an example– MacArthur produced better examples).

But they specifically mentioned– what if teachers could take their students on a field trip throughout ancient Rome? …Well, it looks like UCLA and the Unversity of Virginia are making steps closer to the visualization of such a thing (p.s. I’m not saying that they’re doing this in hopes of Virtual Field trips– I’m just making the observation that it might be assumed that using such awesome technology could produce cool effects for the classroom… that’s all 😉 )

Anyway… just thought I’d point this visual nugget out for anyone following the MacArthur Foundation initiatives or the Power of Visualization of worlds online.

  1. Joi
    June 25, 2007 at 11:13 pm

    I saw an alpha or beta of this back in 2004 at a Virtual Reality for Public Consumption Conference I was at. VERY cool stuff and so much more engaging that my old social studies classes!

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