Neopets Takes Another Step towards Cross Platform fun

Nickelodeon will launch Neopets “mini-shows” this Saturday, June 23, 2007. The interstitial shows will include Neopia specific story information, like characters outsmarting each other, taking chances or setting evil plans in motion.

More news from Neopets, which will launch beta testing Thursday, June 28
for its new virtual NC Mall.  The NC Mall will allow Neopets
members to purchase Neocash, a new currency
unique to the site, with which they can then buy virtual items for their
pets.  The Neopets website will continue to be free of charge. 
Initially, Neopets is launching the NC Mall in the US and Canada, with PayPal
serving as the payment service during the beta testing.  Additionally,
plans for more payment options and an international launch plan will follow

Cynthia Turner’s Cynopsis – CynKids 6/22/07

I’m interested to see how the Neopets “mini-shows” do– I’m guessing they’ll be cartoon shorts before/after and commercial breaks?   Personally, I like that mini descriptor “setting evil plans in motions”… how very evil.

And there goes the Neoconomy– neocash takes on the neopoints.  I’m interested to see what the difference will be.  My only problem?  I’ll have to visit (dun dun duuuuuuuun) Colin Skye… my probably-dead-making-me-feel-neo-guilty neopet.  I might do a wee run through of the site too, just to report (more for myself) on how the community is growing, living, exceling… to see if there are any new yellow flags and such.  I’ll let ya know.

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