In case you missed it

Here’s what Anastasia from ypulse:

Also, Izzy asked what I thought about user generated content in squeeky clean branded communities. I think if you are building a branded community for kids under 13, you obviously have to have a heavy hand in what gets posted and make sure it is 100 percent brand and parent friendly. With older teens and young adults, you risk alienating them (like Wal-Mart did) by requiring parent approvals and lag time between when they post and something appears for screening. Especially when they’re used to posting and having stuff appear instantly on MySpace and YouTube. I think you can be careful about where stuff shows up (manually program all top level pages), be clear about your community standards from the beginning and take down stuff that is hugely inappropriate when you find it.

Ypulse: Media for the Next Generation

I think I mentioned it on ypulse… but AMEN, AMEN, SISTA FRIEND!

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