Passing this along: Ms. Peez

Now THIS is mobile marketing with content you can USE!Kids, adults, ANYone who’s been cross-legged while out and about at a street fair has no doubt wondered why Google Maps street views or Twitter Maps or any of the brilliant GPS mobile mashups haven’t tapped into how to use the media’s pragmatic side quicker…Piddle spots!

Not just ‘plant your marker and identify the public port-a-pottie’ type of access, but REAL relief, based on user updates rating hygiene and cleanliness. (hey, I’m picky) MizPee enables you to set your cellphone preferences to bypass icky restrooms or pay stalls…find diaper-changing, handicap access, or even check hours if the list shows the closest public access in a nearby store…all FREE! How? They’ve tied into a useful ad rev/mapping model that taps convenience, value, and the burgeoning mobile market by taking a “while you’re in the hood, click here to check the deals” approach. (Users show retailers the cell’s promo screen to access the VIP discount, so it’s noninvasive)

It’s an ingenious use of data pooling which should catch on in a flash in multiple cities, if one of the behemoths doesn’t snap ‘em up and integrate the platform before they get out of beta. Easy to launch, you basically open your cell browser, navigate to, type in a street address or intersection, and whammo! A list of nearby loos!

Shaping Youth » MizPee Mobile Mapping: Where to GO on the go!

This is great. Thanks Amy for the heads up! (p.s. I am currently in lurve with my twitter on netvibes)

  1. June 13, 2007 at 7:02 pm

    You’re probably all over this then:

  2. June 13, 2007 at 7:37 pm

    One more for ya…’twifter’ that asks the question, “how do I know you?”

    It’s how kids can see how friends know other friends (kind of a six degrees thing)It amazes me how fast these apps get hacked into new and useful tools:

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