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A Commercial Break: …to the UK and BEYOND!

First bit of interest:

Hello, blog-browsing darlings,

I will be winging away bright and early tomorrow to the Kingdom of Uniteds for some much needed R&R&W&T&S&CC&F (that’s rest, relaxation, writing, tea, scones, coronation chicken, and friends).  Therefore this lil ole blog of mine might be slow on the info.

Depending on writing blocks, I may leave a few posts now and then– so don’t count these seven days out!  Just givin’ ya an FYI.

Ciao for now,

Me, as in I, as in zzy.

And to the Beyond:

What does everyone think of Pirates of the C: 3 and Shrek of the Third and their place in the market & kids brains?  I saw a giant Shrek sign outside the McD’s next to my apartment the other day… And I quote, “Pull Ogre Here.”  I’ve never really seen McD seem that Licensing-desperate before.  So long Grimus. Ta Ta Hamburglar.  Master Shrek is on the street peddlin’ it now. Wow.

I feel like some entertainment companies in the biz of “trilogy movies” are now spending years on their licensing empires and maybe a month or two on storylines.  Sup with that? #2 and #3 in the ‘ilogy format seem to be about chasing smaller story lines, like following A to B on a treasure map, hoping it forms some sort of linear “story” path.  Once that first movie is through, they really aren’t planning the arc of the WHOLE story any longer.

My thinkings is that the format goes like this–

1st movie is about setting up a story that articulates clearly the characters & the worlds.

Second movie is taking those characters and tossing them into random situations that kinda connect together just to see how the characters react.

And 3rd movie = second movie’s ending + licensing of the rehashed quote-worthy moments of 1 & 2 (except not as worthy any more, and in fact a bit tired) + leaving room for a possible 4th &/or 5th movie.

Honestly, I don’t like criticizing these companies & their movies.  Why?  Because I love them.  The fact I feel– as a consumer & audience member & a product evangelist– like they don’t really care about my enjoyment in their creativity & art– taints my amour & my evangelism.

Did anyone see MTV movie awards?  That fresh breath movie award won by “Transformers” lost my appreciate for the MTV movie awards.  It’s just a platform for commercials within commercials masked as commercials within commercials parading as “awards” Ridiculous. MTV was just obnoxious about it– and not in the funny way.  I have NEVER missed an appearance of Mike Myers on anything… this was the first time I did.  I had to turn the channel before he ever set foot on stage.  Any you know what?  I’m not feeling guilty either (as I normally would).  In fact, I’m insulted.  MTV forced my hand, Mr. Myers!

Anyone else feel the same way?  Perhaps a similar/different perspective?  Do tell!

  1. June 4, 2007 at 11:26 pm

    Concur on the sequel scene, but in fairness haven’t seen either one; my godchild (10-yr old that lives w/in VMK in So.Cal!) insists that P3 is ‘the best ever of all of them’ but who knows…they all seem like licensing deals to me.

    In fact, I’m posting tmrw. on Shaping Youth’s new “Shrek Drek” counter-marketing launch this week with 60 new sets of eyes in a diff. venue to market “going green” without “Shrek-alicious” junk food.

    We’re using green honeydew melon, grapes, limeade, granny smiths, & dissecting media/mktg, label literacy etc. in a ‘what if’ UGC creation where kids come up w/healthy ideas for cartoon character tie-ins (e.g. green tennis balls etc. instead of what they’re CURRENTLY promoting) sigh.

    I hate to keep being an ogre & picking on the green guy, but his mug is so dang pervasive…it’s EVERYwhere. (and yes, I’m convinced they’re cramming more characters into plot lines in order to have enough ‘happy meal’ collectibles sans content)

    Have a great time in the U.K.—Cheerio and all that!

  2. June 6, 2007 at 10:36 pm

    Ok, as for “their place in the market & kids brains” here’s an incredible (and funny) YouTube clip detailing the prevalence of branding their brains with Shrek Drek…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDamvhgpClk

    And here’s Shaping Youth’s posting on how we’re counter-marketing same (tomorrow! wish me luck!) http://www.shapingyouth.org/blog/?p=475

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