Neopets in Multimedia: TV & New UGC

Nickelodeon is set to launch first series of animated Mini-Shows, which will run as interstitial programming beginning June 23, 2007. Each of the Mini-Shows will include various Neopets characters, key plot elements/twists from the Neopia realm, as well as featuring multiple endings and clues that will unlock puzzles and questions on Neopets site.

In other Neopets news:

  • Neovision, launches this week, a broadband video player that
    showcases Neopets-themed user submitted content and the new animated
  • New pet customization features including new clothing
    and accessories.
  • A new website layout that is easier to navigation, improved
    graphics, a new Games Room and a home page that displays messaging from
    the users Neopets.
  • The Neopets second annual Altador Cup launches today. 
    The global gaming event runs throughout June.

Cynthia Turner’s Cynopsis – CynKids 6/1/07

Wow. A TV show based on a popular online community & a video player to promote more UGC content online?  I SMELL VIACOM.  Oh, indeed.  Nickelodeon, Viacom’s prodigal child network, is now in cahoots with, Viacom’s adopted child community.

Actually, this is exciting for my job… why?  Because making the elements of an online community into a successful TV show (Nickelodeon has the golden touch) makes people realize the importance and validity of online communities for children. 

I’m curious to see what kind of television show they create… Why? Because it feels more “Cartoon Network” to me– the fankid/gamer (like Uh Gi Oh, Pokemon, Ben 10, Naruto, and all those anime shows).  Perhaps Nickelodeon is planning to draw in that demographic.  For the most part, Nickelodeon is uber-goofy.  Every program has some sort of nuttyness to it.  Will they do the same with a Neopets cartoon series?  Hmmm.

As for the UGC content– perhaps its time to do a new survey of Neopets (despite my guilt over my old neopet, Colin Skye, lol).  Why?  They were a bit more lenient on kid communications then, say… Nicktropolis, Toontown, DXD, Fosters, barbiegirls, etc.  They’ve a young crowd… and if they’re not doing “mash-ups” (like & do), then who is going to screen & moderate those videos?  I know they’ve got quite a staff there at Neopet headquarters, but to add the time/care/intensity of screening kid-made videos to put live on site?  That’s going to be NUTS.  Seriously.

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