Ypulse & Totally Wired: Interviews!

Shaping Youth Interviews Anastasia Goodstein of Totally Wired

Recently, I brought my tween daughter to meet Anastasia Goodstein, (at left) publisher of youth blog YPulse and author of the Totally Wired book and blog.
Since we’re both Bay-area based, I thought I’d seize the local
opportunity to hear what she had to say at one of her book talks on the
press circuit….

Shaping Youth » Shaping Youth Interviews Anastasia Goodstein of Totally Wired

Both Amy (From Shaping Youth) and Anastasia (Author of the book Totally Wired and the blog Ypulse) are amazing!  I look to them daily for insights & expertise in this wild web world for tater tots and teeny bops.  Their candor and passion for the current state of the media is exactly what the doctor ordered in this time of blog podiums and community voice. 

Check out Amy’s interview of Anastasia in the link above (if you haven’t already done so, I know many have linked to it already– like my mentor Joi)

And of course, the Anastasia interview by grand-master Guy Kawasaki (whom I was delighted to see talk at Noah Kagan’s CommunityNext conference a few months back… where I also “saw” Anastasia, but due to my star-struck nature wasn’t able to say “hello”, and awesome Amy, who happened to stumble upon me as I was knee-deep in a rambling diatribe about tweens & communities).

I really must start stalking the conferences again. 

I was going to cut & paste my favorite parts of both interviews (because they’re both UBER valuable if you’re at all interested in teens/tweens and online life), but I think I would prefer sending you to their sites to read the articles.  (Besides, I was having trouble deciphering which parts I wanted to ramble about, perhaps another time).

I will post this one paragraph– why? Because I was gynormously-honored to even be mentioned!!! I’m still pink in the cheeks from it.  😀

Shaping Youth: What are your top 5 TWEEN (8-12) blogger sites/resources
you use to understand tween demographics as a ‘non-parent?’Totally
Wired: I look at AllyKatz for tween blogs (though they’re all girls),
Disney’s tween oriented sites, Nick.com, and read Izzy Neis’s blog for
insight into kids’ communities.

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