Finding Kids’ Heroes.

So, lately I’ve had this odd feeling, like a lit candle in the back of my mind, towards the base of my skull.  It’s out of reach, but I know it’s there– the flame flickering and tickling the darkened recesses of my busy-brain.

The candle has always been burning in the back of my thoughts, and I’ve only vaguely known what it was about… It is the eternal flame at the base of all my thoughts illuminating my desire to help inspire and empower kids. Big task, distant candle.

Every change I’ve made since High School has been encouraged in one way or another by this candle.  It is the spark that starts my path.  It is the reason for the very first sentence in my stories.  The champion behind the first decisions I make at work.  And even though I know this candle burns deep in the recesses of my mind…  To everyone else, its never really been the obvious focus.

In the past few months– either the candle has grown stronger, or my brain space has shrunk, because the flickering TICKLE has become a flickering TACKLE.

Of course I want to do something about it– but in typical Izzy-fashion, I’ve got to find my own way (I never seem to walk others’ paths very well).  A few months ago I signed up for volunteering at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago– but due to staggering volunteer sign-up #’s, it will take a while before I get my foot in that door.  There are some other options I’m currently mulling & applying for… but time is time and it moves much faster when I don’t want it to, and much slower when I’m antsy.

So in the mean time, I want to dedicate some space on this ole blog O’mine to kids who are heroes and heroes for kids, as well as some sites that can help make heroes out of you and me.

I need your help:  If you could visit the “Kids Heroes” page on my blog (or just click here for a quick link) and leave information about any website, organization, or amazing kid/adult that is helping the inspire/empower cause… I would be much obliged.  I want to keep a running tally of amazing people.  And as that list grows– hopefully you (open invitation) and I can figure out something AMAZING to do to help inspire & empower & spread the flickering, tickling, tackling flame.

Thank you ahead of time.  🙂

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