Nancy Drew likes the internet too!

For generations of fans worldwide, the name Nancy Drew is synonymous with adventure.  This young amateur detective has a mind of her own, a passion for solving mysteries and a reputation for getting into – and out of – some very scary situations.

This summer, “Nancy Drew” brings the timeless heroine to Los Angeles, where she is faced with a fresh set of challenges and her most baffling case yet.

EMMA ROBERTS stars as the resourceful teen detective, who leaves her friendly hometown of River Heights for the West Coast and enrolls at Hollywood High.  There, her unique personal style immediately sets her apart from her self-absorbed, fast-living peers, especially reigning mean-girl fashionistas Inga and Trish, who can’t quite figure her out but know that everything about her is different – from her super-smarts and retro manners to her perfect picnic lunches and penny loafers.

I’m excited about this movie… it should be a fun play on Nancy Drew (whom I was not a fan of growing up, but my sister was).  I like her “fish out of water” scenario– from what I’ve seen, the vibe of the movie reminds me of Pleasantville + Election + Harriet the Spy (With maybe a dash of the live action Scooby-Do for good measure).  Plus, I hope it just beats the PANTS off of Bratz the Movie.  Ugh.  (If you haven’t seen THAT horrendous trailer yet, google it… it’s like High School the Musical + Mean Girls – originality – coolness, seems like it should have been a cartoon channel exclusive as opposed to a feature film.  The slogans alone creep me out.)

Nancy Drew & Crew are trying some of the fun things that both The Office & 30 Rock tried (Britney Spears as well, although hers was hilarious in the BAD way)– phone advertisements & texting games.  I’ve already expressed my displeasure at U12’s having phones, which makes be a bit of a hippocrit for staying positive about the texting games (they’re not advocating kids getting cell phones, and perhaps they’re gearing that marketing text scheme to the 12, 13, 14, 15 year olds like I am choosing to believe).  I just had Emma Roberts call Star Farm, much to my own amusement.  The lingo makes me cringe a bit (clearly chosen by an adult).  I’m keeping my mouth shut about their myspace page (I’ve spoken about it before), simply because there are older teens that will be interested in this movie…

Anyway, so fingers crossed for Ms. Julia Robert’s neice (aka Emma, the star of Nickelodeon’s Unfabulous).  I think she’s a brill little actress, and hopefully will be a great role model for youth (as opposed to some other morons– ie. Paris & Brit Brit).

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