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Worthy to note: cyberbully411.com

Prevent Cyberbullying is an effort to provide resources for youth who have questions about or have been targeted by online harassment. The website was created by Internet Solutions for Kids, Inc. with funding from The Community Technology Foundation.

We would like to thank the folks at SOY (save our youth) girls and the Orange County Youth Commission for their help and sharing their stories.

Most of the data and information we talk about on this site is based upon two national surveys of young people online. The Youth Internet Safety Survey 1 was conducted in 2000 and the Youth Internet Safety Survey 2 was conducted in 2005 by Dr. David Finkelhor and his colleagues at the University of New Hampshire. You can download reports about these surveys as well as other articles by going to their web site: www.unh.edu/ccrc.

Internet Solutions for Kids, Inc. is a non-profit research organization. Our mission is to promote new and innovative methods that improve the health and safety of young people. We believe a mutli-pronged approach is necessary, with clinical research alongside active youth education and support. For More Information Visit The Internet Solutions for Kids, Inc. Website.

A mighty thanks to Anastasia over at ypulse.com for this little heads-up gem. This is a really well-made site for teens. Design & information is presented in a total teen-appropriate (and aesthetic) way. Nice. It’s full of information about cyberbullying, discussions, stuff for parents, contacts, and facts.

Hopefully this will be a great & in demand resource for any teen battling cyberbullies.

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  1. May 16, 2007 at 12:12 am

    I’m the Development Director for the Community Technology Foundation of California. Thank you for helping us draw attention to the issue of Cyberbullying.

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