Worthy: Nickelodeon’s “Ned’s Declassified”

Seriously. These episodes just get better and better!

I just have to take a minute to really praise the writers of the well-made Nickelodeon tween live-action show. It’s quirky, witty, fun, and appropriate. Somehow they’re able to fit in school advice & moral code between absolutely wacky lines, animated characters, and fun relationships. Not to mention, they continuously make light of tween angst. Today’s show (Ned is getting chased by Missy, Cookie is trying to make his girl jealous, and Mo is torn between her sudden crush on Ned and her boyfriend) was hilarious. The Janitor gets me every time– and the chivalrous fight for Mo’s love between the three nutbars was brilliant. I laughed OUT LOUD the entire time. It’s like NBC’s “The Office” but for tweens. Who can beat that?

If you have a tween that watches “Ned’s Declassified: School Survival Guide”, I suggest you sit down and watch it with them.

p.s. Has anyone noticed how Me:Tv has moved away from the web-based UGC (still has some, but not much) and gone back to the STL-ish (Slime Time Live) format? And how they added that kinda-creepy, ken-ish (as in Barbie), Jolt-fueled Ryan (who is oddly growing on me) to combat Jordan (who is getting much better!) and Alex (still waiting for a position on MTV’s TRL?)? And my last comment on Me:Tv… I understand insurance & safety reasons… but since when does Nickelodeon limit sliming to a small blow-up kiddy pool? I was saddened by the limited space available for sliming Idol-reject Sanjaya.

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