Relaunch: Kidzworld

This is when I don’t like marketing. I can’t stnd the use of “leading,” “only,” and “best” in marketing and PR materials.
Kidzworld may be leading in search engine placement because it has been around for a while. (Although I was unable to get them to be a “first-pager” with 5 tries of generic kid search terms on Google). That means that all the old school links on abandoned pages aggregating “Cool sites for kids!” from 99-02 link to Kidzworld and they are getting higher placement on searches. Longevity and perservence has it’s rewards. And I will EVEN give it to them that IF a kid didn’t have a predetermined list of sites to go to the second they hit the computer (Nick, Club Penguin, MySpace, YouTube, etc etc) AND they ran a serach for “kids sites” (because SO many kids identify with the term “kids”) they MAY click on Kidzworld. But will they stay?

Joi Podgorny

Check out the rest of Joi’s post about  They just did a relaunch (maybe last week?). 

  1. April 20, 2010 at 9:50 pm

    Over the last few years Kidzworld has grown in a very positive manner. Massive amounts of technical upgrades as well as a full redesign.

    Through lots of positive feedback they continue to grow and provide the best experience for their users.

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