Sweet find: Directory of Communities

Start exploring online community here. I am always collecting useful online community/social media/social networking sites, articles, resources, and experts, and I hope others find them useful. I will be updating this list regularly. If you have ideas or suggestions for this page, please let me know at skarasic[at]yahoo.com.

online community & social networking super list | shara karasic | social media design

Wow wow wow.  Holy manoly.  Check out Shara Karasic’s

Online Community/Social Media SUPER List

It’s an uber-list of awesomeness.  Need to find some information about online communities & social networking– no matter the topic/genre/etc?  Looks like Shara might just have it for you.  Yahoooo!

[Personal note on the constant “yahooing” by yours truly.  When I was working at an after school “extended time” program there was this cute little 6-year-old “Fred Flintstone” boy (visually speaking, his head was 1/3 his body). Whenever he got really revved up about something, his little legs would run in place (just like Fred’s), kicking up dust, and yell “Yahoooooooooooo!” in his best Mario/Mario Cart voice.  His Yahoo’s go through my head at least 200 times a day.  Oh, I miss the tater tots.  So interesting. Anyway, so that’s that 😉 ]

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  1. May 9, 2007 at 6:39 pm

    Thanks, Izzy. I was so excited to find your blog too. Now I’m working on business communities but I am always keeping up with what’s going on with the kiddies. After all, what they’re doing now is what the business communities will be doing later…

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