Screening Youth Online: Good or Bad?

MySpace + SecondLife / Ponies!1 = BarbieGirls

Over at Wired, Annalee Newitz’s post entitled MySpace + SecondLife / Ponies!1 = BarbieGirls describes one of the scariest side effects of all of the predator panic.

What does it mean that an entire generation is growing up to believe
that the only way to be safe is to be constantly surveilled?
::shudder:: I’m rather concerned about the longterm implications of all
of this monitoring and control. Aren’t we supposed to be raising a
generation of creatives? Le sigh.

apophenia: MySpace + SecondLife / Ponies!1 = BarbieGirls

Here’s an interesting debate over at Danah Boyd’s profound blog “Apophenia”…

Take a gander if you’re interested in the creative freedom of U13 communities versus invasive monitoring/screening.  My thoughts are in the comments section of Danah’s post.  🙂

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