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Your "Inner Gollum” and the “Eye of Mordor”

Forgiving your inner Gollum …and the people who feed him…

For years, I have struggled with enormous bouts of self-doubt. I think many or most people suffer from the same affliction. You know? That little voice in your head that says, “You don’t deserve this.” “Everyone is going to call you out for the idiot you are.” “You are so much plainer than all of the other girls here.” I remember sitting around with a group of grad students years ago, commiserating around this topic. Even though this group of brilliant Ph.D.’s felt the same nagging doubts and we all felt temporarily better that we weren’t alone, all of us returned to the outside world with the same self-loathing.

I don’t think it is the fear of failure that plagues most of us and holds us back from taking the kinds of risks we need to in order to achieve our goals, I truly think it is the fear of success that is our biggest stumbling block… [article continues]

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Okay… so yeah, it’s totally off track from my usual musings, ramblings, and incoherent rants, but TOTALLY WORTH THE READ. So, please, if the aforementioned paragraphs sparks any interest– do check out Tara Hunt’s fun-tastical romp through the “Inner Gollum.”

Personally… yes, I do have an inner Gollum– chock full of impulsive explosions (part of being an Aries, or so I keep claiming). My problem is the “Eye of Mordor.” I’ve mentioned it in this blog before in regards to focus the world’s focus on kids, kids marketing, kids web, etc.

What is the “Eye of Mordor” (other than being another Lord of the Rings reference to the large tower with the blazing gaze of Sauron’s eye that continually seeks out the One Ring), to ME it’s when you focus on something so intently that it starts to be a negative problem. Like on a bright-sun kinda day when kids have magnifying glasses focused in on a sizzling ant.

I HATE my personal “Eye of Mordor.”

I have been the brunt of someone else’s “Eye of Mordor.” Typically there are good intentions involved (or that’s what I keep trying to remind myself)… but to the people who are on the receiving end of the “Eye of Mordor” those good intentions are mistaken for control, eager quick-fixes, and/or grasping-at-straws.

Anyway… enough Lord of the Rings references. It’s a good article, and full of advice for “making peace with your inner Gollum” Awesome 😉 Enjoy!

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