Saved by the "Berkley”: A new Teen site.

New Advisor To America’s Youth: Elizabeth Berkley

Do you know a young girl who’s in need of guidance? Thankfully, a new expert has arrived to fill their need: Elizabeth Berkley!That’s right the star of Saved By the Bell, but more importantly, Showgirls, has created a website dedicated to helping young girls through their formative years. It’s called As Elizabeth explains on the too-cute site:

I wanted to create a safe place for you to feel
heard, to feel seen and to get the help you need to be and feel your
best. You are not alone… We are in this life together! There are
moments in life when we feel like we’re losing our way and Ask
Elizabeth is here to help you remember!

That’s right girls, Elizabeth wants you to “feel seen.” Good luck
with that. Unfortunately, the part of the site that actually answers
questions isn’t functional yet. But there’s plenty of Elizabeth’s
wisdom already floating around. In quote form. From Showgirls. What would happen if you answered little girl’s questions with Elizabeth’s lines from the film? Let’s find out….

Best Week Ever

Yes, I stopped my quote just before it got “good” (or good to anyone enjoying the snarkier, humor-filled Best Week Ever blog).

Okay… ignoring the whole Elizabeth “Jessie Spano is Showgirls” Berkley aspect (and that creepy heart picture from her bio above). Over all, the site is tweenish– relatively cute lay out (for that sort of diary-keeping, pink-loving girly girl) with chill music playing in the background. They did a descent job of identifying the target audience (the 12, 13 sweet, young-girl who looks up to pretty adults and wants to know all about forth-coming teenhood and all the juicy details therein). Thinking back– when I was a CIT (Counselor in Training) at Phantom Lake YMCA Camp (overnight/summer), I remember my Atlantis tent (girls aged 10, 11, 12) and they would have LOVED this site (oh the gobs of uncomfortable questions they tried to ask). Right up their ally. Needless to say– I’m totally weirded out by the uber-photo opt pictures on the front (especially “Dreamy Jessie Spano” picture above her bio).

I’m not sure what makes Elizabeth Berkley worthy of talking to teens, tweens, or ANYONE other than Mario Lopez and Mark Paul Gosler. Perhaps, if she feels the need to reach out to someone, she should look no further than ex-Bayside classmate Dustin “Screech the adult Jerk” Diamond (have you SEEN that guy on VH1’s “Celebrity Fit Club“? Uck! Poor Wisconsin).

In the future, it looks like the site is adding a chat/forum area (“7. Girl Talk”) and an expert advice column by female trainers, make-up artists, stylists, doctors, etc (6. Expert Advise). And the site has backing from the likes of Sanrio (perhaps they got style advise from Hello Kitty… by the looks of the web design, it makes sense. Who doesn’t love Hello Kitty? I almost bought a Hello Kitty Toilet Seat– why? Dunno. It was cute? Maybe I just have a really good sense of humor, lol.)

Anyway, I’ll be popping back to see the level at which they maintain the UGC & the moderation of comments, safety, etc.

I just don’t get why EBL would be the go-to girl for tween/teen expert advice. Oh the power of celebrity. Perhaps I’m hatin’ on Elizabeth “Showgirls” Berkley Lauren because I’m uber-jealous of her ability to have such a site. Could be. Or perhaps I can’t help but get the vision of her singing “I’m so excited” over and over while popping pills and having a nervous breakdown on Saved By the Bell. That was the single BEST episode of all time.

I plan on keeping an eye on this site. See what/if benefit actually comes out of it.  Meantime, enjoy this Monday treat:

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