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Mmm Mmm: Americans eats Media…

America: The Growing Digital Divide
A new study
(pdf) published by the Pew Internet & American Life Project has
found that there is a growing digital divide across America.

John B. Horrigan’s analysis of America’s use of Web 2.0 and information and communications technology in the broader sense shows that whilst a reasonable number of Americans are embracing new technology and Web 2.0, a disturbing number are either not getting the message, or are choosing not to participate.

The study found that the Top 8% are young, ethnically diverse, and
mostly male (70%).
The median age of the Top 8% is 28 with more than
half of them under the age of 30. The bottom 15% was not surprisingly
older, with a median age of 64 – and as a group reported the lowest
levels of household income. And yet this group isn’t entirely switched
off: 82% watch TV everyday and 76% have cable or satellite service, and
collectively had the highest levels of watching TV or listening to
radio of any group in the study; it’s just that there not using Web 2.0.

America: The Growing Digital Divide

I wish they talked more about what “young” means… young can technically mean anyone under 82 (just ask my grandma).

Anyway, here’s a chart they had in that article. If you want more info about “Elite Tech Users” and “Omnivores” (<- that will eternally remind me of my College science class “The Biology of Dinosaurs” best class ever), I would suggest that you take a gander at both the study (linked above) and that article (also linked above).

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