Happy for Flip.com

FLIPPING OUT: Flip.com has a long way to go before it catches up to MySpace, but the teen networking site Condé Nast launched in February is getting a following. The site gathered 288,000 unique visitors in March, according to comScore/MediaMetrix, up from 183,000 in its first month. That’s more than cosmogirl.com’s 281,000 unique visitors and teenvogue.com’s 101,000, but less than seventeen.com’s 745,000. MySpace.com saw 66 million unique visitors in March.The average age of Flip.com users is 17 and almost all of them are female. But they’re not all fashionistas from Manhattan. “Some of our deepest users are out in the heartland,” said Flip.com publisher Jane Grenier. “There’s a hunger for creative outlets in the heartland that this site hits spot on.”

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When Flip.com first launched in Beta, I dove in head-first and did a short review based on initial thoughts.   Well… it’s GREAT to see that Flip.com proved my worries wrong!

Basically, I adored the design and the concept… I just wasn’t sure how far girls would go to be involved.  The flip books seemed to me to be a bit of work… either teen girls would take a juicy bite of it, or circle around nervously and decide it was too much effort. 

I was starting to see more and more about flip.com in news and blogs and catch tidbits along the grapevine, so I hop, skipped, and jumped back into my original account to check it out.  Flip.com looks like it’s got a really devoted community.  That’s awesome! 

As for their advertising technique– I dig it. It’s non-evasive, and I find myself interested in what they’ll show.  It’s a great example for people looking to make click-through money on social networking services… offer ads that are aesthetically pleasing & entertaining for your audience.  Coolio.

Though Flip.com limited its advertising to just five partners at its
launch, more are signing up. Nike, which was an advertiser during the
launch, will increase its presence on the site through the summer.
Gillette last week started advertising on the site, and Ugg will run in
August. Grenier also wants to expand the advertiser base beyond fashion
and beauty to automotive and electronics. “The kind of integrated
conversation that can happen on Flip.com can happen in any
[advertising] category. Getting her opinion set on a particular brand
or product is as important to a cell phone carrier [or] to an automaker
as it to a fashion brand,” said Grenier.

Because they stuck to their guns and only provided worthy/edgy advertisers… now people can see how great this worked– and they’ll have their pick of the litter when other advertisers come a’calling. 

I know a lot of people are a bit mixed about advertising on sites like this to begin with… but, I mean, it can’t exist free without it.  Flip.com does a great job monitoring their site & keeping hands on with their community.  That takes a bit of paid effort. 

If you’ve a teen girl who has creativity bubbling out of her– pass along flip.com.  It deserves all the attention it can get.

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  1. Tiffany
    July 20, 2007 at 12:51 am

    Do you know how to place a flipbook on your wordpress blog

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