FYI: CyberTipline

The tips about child exploitation or child porn that the US’s CyberTipline receives 24/7 are acted on immediately. One of the Tipline’s analysts at the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children looks at what comes in via the Web (at or phone (via 800.843.5678) and immediately looks at the threat level to a child. If it’s top-priority, the people behind the Tipline, the Center’s Exploited Child Unit, contact the parent immediately, do a search for the best help local to the case, and contact law enforcement in that jurisdiction and other relevant law enforcement agencies, including the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force if there is one in that state. “Since it started, the CyberTipline has received about 450,000 child sexual exploitation reports, about 400,000 of which involved possession, distribution and/or manufacture of child pornography,” reports the Visalia [Calif.] Times-Delta. It adds that, “during a typical week, the CyberTipline gets more than 1,000 child pornography reports. Not every tip involves illegal activity…. Some report adult pornography or simply offensive online content.

BlogSafety Community: How the CyberTipline works …

It’s always nice to have a little bit o education with my Monday’s cereal.  Thanks, blogsafety, for helping to continue the learning process.

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