Disney makes it’s own SAFE version of myspace!!

Disney has launched their MySpace equivalent website for pre-teens, complete with widgets, games and videos, called Disney Xtreme Digital (XD).

All content available on the site is Disney-related, and there’s plenty to choose from. The widgets can be rearranged on the page, acting similar to a pre-loaded, Disney-themed start page for kids. Users an create their own channels, earn points from playing trivia games, watch movie trailers, and choose characters with which to customize their page.

Most important to the Disney brand are the parental controls that keep children from sharing personal information, and getting themselves into trouble by any other means on the site. Acting as a supremely walled garden is far more important to Disney than the ability to import information. You can choose The Little Mermaid for your user profile, but you can’t upload your own. A major problem some see with this attitude is the fact that Disney has closed themselves off from the option of exporting information as well. Why not let the widgets be placed on a Tigger-loving MySpace user?

Disney Launches XD with Parental Controls

I say– good on Disney for not going making their kid/tween-targeted properties available in skinned/widget form on myspace.  Leon, our rockin’ Online Marketing made a good point that since Disney is the thousand pound gorilla in the branded room– they don’t need to spread their content to myspace.  I would rather smile and happily believe that it was a responsible choice. 🙂

Okay.  I’m going to go play on this site and I’ll do a write up on it.  Bare with me. 🙂

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