Are you in Dumbledore’s Army

Attention any/all HP-devotees out there, Warner Bros launched a new site about a week ago for any/all “Hogwarts students” dedicated to destroying “He Who Must Not be Named” has been around for quite a while. With each new movie, the site gets a face lift. Sadly, the older cooler elements of the site tend to get glitchy after the newest facelift. That’s the problem with uber-flashy sites like that… they need constant attention.

Join Dumbledore’s Army (the website) is a funny mix of mini-community, marketing, and a sprinkling of user generated comments. There’s no chat, forum, or blog (there i, however, a very vibrant forum on the official hp page). Once you join, you give a few personal gems about yourself (user name, gender, house– no email) and pick one of 7 slightly-freaky Hogwarts student faces (they’re multicultural, which is very nice, although they’re still kinda creepy). And that’s about the extent of the community. You can sift through to see other DA members, but there’s no communication. Your name DOES have to be screened (very good). And there is an opportunity to write the entire Army a message that appears for a few seconds on the main DA page. Kid quotes. Nice. I’m guessing they’re screened/filtered too. Very nice.

The main reason I call attention to this is because I found it strange… like some sort of teaser community. Communities are pricey– moderators/screeners/filters = large overhead. However, they could have linked that site up to their vibrant forum buried deep in the main HP page.

They already have a teaser page for the next movie– Voldey-poo is front and center in all his creeptastic glory.

So then why a teaser community too? It’s a bit of a thrown bone. I’m not really complaining, I signed up and gladly. Someone had to pay for that bone to be thrown, right? Could there have been better use of that cashola? Perhaps not. Not my call. I just wanted to bring it to your attention. It’s Monday. Happy Year of the Potter. DA All the Way!

  1. diogenis
    May 7, 2007 at 8:41 pm

    please help . i m trying o join dumbledores army but in
    the greek team how can i do it please help .

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