really lays it out for you…

TUTORIAL #1: How to Structure Your Acceptable.TV Story

Before we get a chance to be hung up on anything else, most of us get hung up on our story. In this first tutorial, we meet new Acceptable.TV contributors Dan and Justin, who are doing just that when they receive a special guest. isn’t tween/teen/or kid, but it does do something very, very unique.

A while back we here at SF were kickin’ around some more UGC-based project for our tweenies, HOWEVER, we were very concerned about the level of UGC we would get– would it have a quality storyline acceptable to be shown on television? And if not… how do we fix that? Do we have to manipulate the purity of the UGC to our own goals/agendas? If so, that’s not very cool. Yadda yadda, etc etc. has a different, older, more mature (although you wouldn’t be able to tell by the humor- lol!) audience that has been around long enough to understand the elements of storytelling.

HOWEVER! It is a young project, and they do have to answer to the demands of entertaining television every week (high demand for new worthwhile content). So what do they do? Make HILARIOUSLY AWESOME videos, starring Jack Black, giving future a “how to” guide for creating stellar videos.

There are quite a few of them, and they cover various elements of Writing 101 & Filming 101, etc.

I’m bringing attention to these things because it’s a great way (albeit expensive and time-heavy process project) to show future UGC-creators how to make acceptable entertainment. Awesome.

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