Toys ‘R’ Us, what are you THINKING?!

QUENTIN TARANTINO has been turned into a doll to accompany his appearance as RAPIST NUMBER ONE in ROBERT RODRIGUEZ’s new GRINDHOUSE movie PLANET TERROR. The lifelike miniature is available at Toys R Us stores in America.


If this is true… and this “action figure” is actually in a toy store meant for children– that’s really DISGUSTING. And very, very disappointing. 😦

I remember when they made the Austin Powers action figures change “Fat Bastard’s” name to “Fat Man.” Some how I find that to be a little more innocent than Quentin Tarantino’s character “Rapist Number One” (who is both horrible in name & character).

But come on… at Toys R Us? If you’re going to have that action figure/doll made– it should be at “Forbidden Planet” (comic book-toy store targeted at “big” kids) or “Spencers” (if that’s even still around). Toys R Us is targeted at the wee ones. Come on, people… I understand pop culture and it’s edginess (always needing to push the envelope/cross the line). But do we really have to make this seem acceptable to youth? By placing a toy such as this on a shelf in a store geared to children it leaves a certain amount of acceptability for youth who yearn for anything/everything adult-cool.

I’m not saying “ban the toy”… that’s a personal opinion. But put it in a store for kids? Come on people… common sense. Stop desensitizing youth. Please.

I’ve not seen it in a store yet… thankfully.

  1. Marc
    April 17, 2007 at 6:51 pm

    where did you see it?

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