Star Farm, Edgar & Ellen, and Kid Inspiration…

As the company’s flagship property, Edgar & Ellen championed the Star Farm model of creating stories in multiple media and releasing these stories into the marketplace simultaneously. “Edgar & Ellen first appeared in a six-book series (now with Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing) and an online community (, and then moved into animated television, via shorts and specials on Nicktoons Network and YTV in Canada,” explains Lindsay. But the twins have even more up their sleeves, as the book series—which currently boasts 14 publishers covering 12 languages and 67 countries—expands, and Star Farm gears up for the release of the Edgar & Ellen TV series (co-produced with Bardel Entertainment) in August on Nicktoons Network. So far, deals are in place to roll out the series in 15 countries including Nickelodeon International and ABC Kids Australia. Plans also are underway to add graphic novels and a live-action feature film. As a next step, a major retail program will take place later this year.


“Getting kids’ feedback is essential to the story development process at Star Farm. Stories are presented to kids and kid experts such as parents, teachers, and librarians,” explains Lindsay. “In the case of Edgar & Ellen, the book series is kid-influenced. Kids read manuscripts as they were being written, tweaked, and reworked long before the books hit shelves. Major Web activities and applications also were shown to kids as they were being developed.” Additionally, she says, “the
upcoming TV series not only was researched, it is 10 percent kid-inspired. Kids sent in their personal ideas for the 2-minute shorts, which we then animated and made part of the half-hour show. In addition, Edgar & Ellen TV shows
, in varying stages of development—from script to animatic to final animation—were, and continue to be, reviewed regularly by kids and schools.”

Money in Mischief – Star Farm Productions deals out a double dose of mischief, courtesy of its flagship property, Edgar & Ellen, which is gearing up for multiple deals following extensive broadcast, publishing, and online exposure. – License

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