Teen Crunch: Ahead of the curve, or just recognizing the future?

TeenCrunch is the most effective interactive media platform for brand marketers to create media programs to reach teens online… crunching.

Teen Crunch

WOW. Isn’t THAT a statement and a half. Makes me want to put my knuckles on my hips and say, “Well… aren’t we a little sure of ourselves now.” Personally, I’m a “show first declare perfection later.” You know, a little thing called “proving your system works.” And not just tech-speaking… but whether or not it actually pulls in the audience successfully.

Basically it’s a single page with five silhouettes. You click on a silhouettes and it brings forth an teenish-individual with a bubble explanation of an “awesome” community to visit. Avatar communities, IM communities, etc. And by “awesome” I mean… awesome?

As for the design, yep… it’s simple. Five characters with colors splashed across the black backdrop… your yellow backdrop… or blue backdrop (ooo choices). At first I was “meh” about the five characters. Seemed a little to “cool TV-teen**” — like some executives picked the characters saying “multi-cultural and hip, if I were a teen, I’d like this” instead of just asking teens their design opinions. But then when I realized that all the communities were based on avatar worlds– it all clicked into space and I realized my opinion was wrong. Avatar teens are a bit anime and a bit imaginative. “If I were a cartoon avatar- I’d look cool if I looked like this.” So I’m guessing they nailed the character/silhouette designs. Nice.

I hate to be a downer, but this page seems useless to me. Might as well just save these five different communities to your favorites bar or something. Now if you could log into the page and have the same account linked to each community, treating it as a multi-platform “hub” –that would be cool. Otherwise, where’s the “effectiveness”? Seriously. It’s just a 2.0 advertisement. Straight up marketing. They managed to be ahead of the curve with their launch, but only in PR. Their multiplatform technique will be picked up by many other companies realizing the potential of team marketing to this click-click-ooo age group**.

** TV-teen = The trend for twenty-somethings to play a teen on TV. Making teens look older than they are… selling them their grown-up dreams. Less young/awkward, more edgy/hot.

**Click-click-ooo = Bored kids who follow the visual adventure, clicking one eye-catching add to the next. It’s web-ring 2.0. You like a topic/genre? Well, follow the little white rabbit from webpage to webpage, surfing and exploring, signing up and joining…

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