Myspace + illegal underaged viewers = Marketing heaven?! Yikes.

Using MySpace To Get the Message

Networks from The CW to NBC reach teens by linking to the site’s huge numbers

By David Goetzl — Broadcasting & Cable, 4/16/2007

Last summer, Rick Haskins, executive VP of marketing and brand
strategy for The CW, was looking to generate fast, mass awareness for
the fledgling network. He realized that the heavily trafficked
had buzz worth tapping into
—a notion that led to a deal giving The CW
near blanket coverage of the MySpace home page for its September launch
as part of an effort to build appeal among teens.

The CW is one among a slew of programmers lured in by the site’s staggering numbers. MySpace had 61.5 million unique visitors in January, according to comScore Media Metrix; in February, that number swelled to 64.4 million. With about 5 million of those users in the 12-17 demo—MySpace puts the average per-visit time for a teenage girl at 30 minutes—networks from ABC Family to NBC have hooked their sails to the site.  “It’s about getting people more involved with the content,” says Shelby Saville, senior VP at agency StarLink. “MySpace allows characters to come to life in a way that wasn’t possible before.”

Using MySpace To Get the Message – 4/16/2007 – Broadcasting & Cable

Um. Why hasn’t anyone talked about how wrong it is that U14-year-olds are being marketed to on a site they’re not allowed to sign up for legally?  Why does this article make it sound cool that this is happening?  Not cool, people, it’s NOT cool.

I don’t care if they’re not supposed to be there.  You’re still standing in a shady/sketchy/creepy alley offering lollipops and toys to any kid passing by… that’s wrong. WR-ONG. 

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